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*Aix, France: Business at IAU (Summer) Aix France Europe
*Amsterdam, Netherlands: Dutch Criminal Justice (Summer) Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
*Arusha, Tanzania: Biology of Eco-Health (Summer) Arusha Tanzania Africa
*Australia Sustainability and Business (Summer) Alice Springs Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
*Barcelona, Spain: Landscape Architecture, Dept LARCH (Summer) Barcelona Spain Europe
*Beijing, China: Biology of Cancer (Summer) Beijing China Asia
*Beijing, China: Impact of Culture on Engineering in China (Summer) Badong China Asia
*Besançon, France: French Language Studies (Summer) Besançon France Europe
*Coldigioco, Italy: Geosciences, Dept GEOSC (Summer) Coldigioco Italy Europe
*Copenhagen, Denmark: Biking Culture and Urban Design Copenhagen Denmark Europe
*Cuenca and Loja, Ecuador: Teaching English in Ecuador Azogues Ecuador Latin America
*Dublin, Ireland: Arts and Culture (formerly Dance Dublin) (Summer) Dublin Ireland Europe
*Dublin, Ireland: Culture and Disability (Summer) Dublin Ireland Europe
*Dublin, Ireland: Representing the Irish Landscape, Literature and Visual Arts (Summer) Achill Ireland Europe
*Europe: Hospitality Management Studies in Europe, Dept HM (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
*Florence, Italy: HDFS in Florence, Dept HDFS (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
*Florence, Italy: Old World Innovations and Their Influence on Modern Business Systems (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
*Florence, Italy: The World of Business and Italian Culture, Dept BUS, Track 1 (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
*Florence, Italy: The World of Business and Italian Culture, Dept BUS, Track 2 (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
*Global Health Fieldwork Experience in Senegal M'Bour Senegal Africa
*Global Health Fieldwork Experience in South Africa Johannesburg South Africa Africa
*Global Health Fieldwork Experience in Tanzania Iringa Tanzania Africa
*Hong Kong, China: Architectural Engineering, Dept A E (Summer) Beijing China Asia
*Korea/Japan: Architecture, Dept ARCH (Summer) Gyeongju South Korea Asia
*Lagun, Curacao: SCUBA and Coral Reef Systems (Summer) Lagun Curacao Latin America
*Lima, Peru: Cross-cultural Engagement and STEM (Summer) Lima Peru Latin America
*London, United Kingdom: Literary London (Summer) London United Kingdom Europe
*Lyon, France: Lyon Culinary Studies, Dept HM (Summer) Lyon France Europe
*Maastricht, Netherlands: From East to West: The World of Central Eastern Europe at CES (Summer) Berlin Germany Europe
*Mang'ula, Tanzania: Parks and People: Landscape Architecture (Summer) Dar es Salaam Tanzania Africa
*Nanning and Guangzhou, China: International Internship in Veterinary Research Dept VBS (Summer) Guangzhou China Asia
*Nantes, France: Engineering Design, Dept EDSGN (Summer) Nantes France Europe
*Navarra, Spain: Engineering Design, Dept EDSGN (Summer) San Sebastian Spain Europe
*New Zealand and Australia: Sustainable Tourism and the Environment (Summer) Auckland New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
*Puebla, Mexico: Spanish Language, Art and Mexican Culture (Summer) Coetzalan Mexico Latin America
*Reggio Calabria, Italy: Language and Culture (Summer) Reggio Calabria Italy Europe
*Rome, Italy: Architectural Engineering, Dept A E (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
*Rome, Italy: Study Tour of Roman History and Archaeology (Summer) Rome Italy Europe
*Ronda, Spain: Spanish Language and Culture (Summer) Granada Spain Europe
*San Jose, Costa Rica: Renewable Energy (Summer) San José Costa Rica Latin America
*Seoul, South Korea: Cross-cultural Perspectives on "Good" Life and "Good" Death (Summer) Daejeon South Korea Asia
*Singapore, Singapore: National University of Singapore, Dept EDSGN (Summer) Singapore Singapore Asia
*Tel Akko, Israel: Excavation, Survey and GIS, Conservation/Public Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences and Community Outreach (Summer) Tel Akko Israel Middle East
*Todi, Italy: Italian Language, Art History, and Culture (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
*Tokyo, Japan: Art and Aesthetics at IES (Summer) Kyoto Japan Asia
*Toronto, Canada: North American Politics Toronto Canada North America
*Turrialba, Costa Rica: Spanish for the Agricultural Sciences (Summer) Turrialba Costa Rica Latin America
*Vienna, Austria: Intercultural Communication (Summer) Vienna Austria Europe
*Vietnam: Entrepreneurship and Business Planning in an Emerging Economy Da Nang Vietnam Asia
*West London, United Kingdom: Kinesiology, Youth Sport and Athletic Welfare (Summer) London United Kingdom Europe
*Zagreb, Croatia: Social Transformation in 20th Century Eastern Europe (Summer) Dubrovnik Croatia Europe
Arcadia: London Internship Program (Summer) London United Kingdom Europe
Brighton: University of Sussex (Summer) Brighton United Kingdom Europe
CIEE: Amman, Arabic Language (Summer) Amman Jordan Middle East
CIEE: Amman, Middle East Studies (Summer) Amman Jordan Middle East
CIEE: Havana, Summer Cuban Studies (Summer) Havana Cuba Latin America
CIEE: Palma de Mallorca, Language and Culture (Summer) Palma de Mallorca Spain Europe
CIEE: Seoul, Korean Studies (Summer) Seoul South Korea Asia
CIEE: Seville, Language and Culture (Summer) Seville Spain Europe
CIEE: Shanghai, Accelerated Chinese Language (Summer) Shanghai China Asia
CIEE: Shanghai, Summer Business and Culture Shanghai China Asia
CIEE: St. Petersburg, Russian Area Studies (Summer) St. Petersburg Russian Federation Europe
CIEE: St. Petersburg, Russian Language (Summer) St. Petersburg Russian Federation Europe
CRCC Asia: Shanghai Internship Program (Summer) Shanghai China Asia
Dalian: Dalian University of Technology (Summer) Dalian China Asia
Dept EDU: PIRE Various Various Various
Dept EDUC: Jonkoping, Jonkoping University, ESL (Summer) Jönköping Sweden Europe
Dept ENGR: INSA Lyon European Perspectives in Engineering & Innovation (Summer) Lyon France Europe
Dept ENGR: Pforzheim Engineers Made in Germany (Summer) Pforzheim Germany Europe
DIS: Summer in Scandinavia (Summer) Copenhagen Denmark Europe
Florence: International Studies Institute (ISI) at Palazzo Rucellai (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
Florence: International Studies Institute at Palazzo Rucellai, Classics and Archeology (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
Florence: Studio Arts College International (Summer) Florence Italy Europe
IAU College: Aix-en-Provence, Summer in Aix (Summer) Aix France Europe
IES: Barcelona, Language and Area Studies Program (Summer) Barcelona Spain Europe
IES: Berlin Internship Program (Summer) Berlin Germany Europe
IES: Berlin, Language and Culture (Summer) Berlin Germany Europe
IES: Buenos Aires, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Summer) Buenos Aires Argentina Latin America
IES: Buenos Aires, Language and Argentine Studies (Summer) Buenos Aires Argentina Latin America
IES: Dublin Internship (Summer) Dublin Ireland Europe
IES: London Internship (Summer) London United Kingdom Europe
IES: Madrid (Summer) Madrid Spain Europe
IES: Paris Internship Program (Summer) Paris France Europe
IES: Rabat, Arabic Language (Summer) Rabat Morocco Middle East
IES: Rome Internship Program (Summer) Rome Italy Europe
IES: Santiago Internship Program (Summer) Santiago Chile Latin America
IES: Santiago, Health Studies (Summer) Santiago Chile Latin America
IES: Tokyo (Summer) Tokyo Japan Asia
IES: Vienna Music History and Performance (Summer) Vienna Austria Europe
Leeds: University of Leeds (Summer) Leeds United Kingdom Europe
Marburg: Philipps University, International Summer University (Summer) Marburg Germany Europe
Pforzheim: Pforzheim Summer Internship Program (Summer) Pforzheim Germany Europe
Pforzheim: Pforzheim University Business Program (Summer) Pforzheim Germany Europe
SFS: Australia and New Zealand, Rainforest Management Studies and Techniques for Rainforest Research (Summer) Huia New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
SFS: Tanzania, Wildlife Management & Conservation (Summer) Rhotia Tanzania Africa