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Staff : Listing

Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.
Name Email Phone
Brian Brubaker unavailable
Associate Director
Name Email Phone
Dr. Kristi A. Wormhoudt 814.863.3960
Education Abroad Adviser
Attend a Study Abroad 101 session and meet with a Peer Adviser in 426A Boucke Building, UP, prior to meeting with an Education Abroad Adviser.

Tineka Lebrun: United Kingdom, Ireland, temporarily advising for Latin America, and Barcelona

Erica Nikolaisen: Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, Africa, Germany, and Austria, and the CIEE Global Institutes

Jamie Weaver: Italy, temporarily advising for Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Croatia, and Greece

Johnna Weston: Asia, Belgium, Canada, Eastern Europe, France, temporarily advising for Portugal, and Spain (except Barcelona)
Name Email Phone
Tineka Lebrun unavailable
Erica Nikolaisen unavailable
Jamie Rae Weaver JRW37@PSU.EDU unavailable
Johnna Weston unavailable
Records Manager
Name Email Phone
Tara Johnson 814.865.3265
Records Specialist
Name Email Phone
Brian Adair 814.863.3962
Becky Fultz unavailable
Exchanges Specialist
Name Email Phone
Briana Janel Casey BKC5202@PSU.EDU unavailable
Assistant Director for Faculty-Led Programs and Special Initiatives
Name Email Phone
Kate Manni 814.863.3961
Embedded Programs Coordinator
Name Email Phone
Michelle Smeal unavailable
Staff Assistant
Name Email Phone
Connie Bauer 814.863.3667
Assistant for Undergraduate Agreements
Name Email Phone
Christophe Pascal Daniel Cheroret unavailable
Assistant, Faculty-led Programs
Name Email Phone
Caitlin O'Donnell unavailable
Micah Parrish 814-863-4816
Ashley Hepner Wang AHW125@PSU.EDU unavailable