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*London: Literary London (Summer)
London, United Kingdom
Program Terms: Summer
Budget Sheets Summer
Fact Sheet:
 Minimum GPA:
 Class Standing:
2 - Sophomore
 Courses Offered:
 Type of Program:
Faculty Led
 Language of Instruction:
 Language Requirement:
0 - none
 Education Abroad Adviser:
Nimisha Thakur
 Internship Available:
 Non-Penn State Students:
 Global Programs Scholarships:
Diversity Grant-in-Aid, Grant-in-Aid
Program Description:
Literary London - London, England

Over the course of four weeks,  Penn State students and faculty will stay in shared apartments in Bloomsbury, located in central London tubeLondon with easy access to the London Underground. Nearby attractions include the Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington Palace and the Natural History Museum.  The program will include walking tours, visits to museums, theatre events and historical sites.   Students will be issued an Oyster pass for tranpsportation within London.  Some formal class meetings will held at Florida State facilities within walking distance of the apartments.  However, many classes will be held outside of the classroom, 'on site' in the city of London.  

Underground London: A Brief History of Dissent from the Ranters to the Punks
Professor Rich Doyle

'?nd?r, ground/ b- a group or movement organized secretly to work against an existing regime; a subway, esp. the one in London.

While the Underground is perhaps the most famous subway system in the world, the 'Tube' is a latecomer to London's true underground where dissenters, occultists and punks have all actively contested established regimes.  In this course, students will explore the history of dissent from the English Civil War to the era of punk, looking to the writings, music and art of London's underground as we investigate the continuities and disruptions of English counterculture.  Working from our location in London, we'll tour contemporary street art and graffiti, explore the pagan revival and the festivals of Stonehenge, map the traces of Ranter religious dissent and learn about 1980s British punk from some of the people who made it happen.

From the Metropolis to the Margins: City and Country in Early Modern English Literature
Instructor -  Paul Zajac

Over the course of the Renaissance, an unprecedented population boom in the city of London led English writers to seriously rethink what it meant to live in the city or in the country. Thanks to the popular London theatres and an ever-growing market for printed books, authors spoke to and for audiences that were larger than ever before, and they had to represent urban and rustic life in ways that were relevant, useful, and (most importantly) enjoyable for those diverse audiences. In this course, we will study early modern depictions of the city and country, examining in particular the genres, character types, and cultural values associated with each. In order to enhance our discussions of the texts, we will use the time abroad to explore locations in London that our authors describe, attend a play at the recreated Globe theatre, and take an excursion to the English countryside.

Education Abroad Credits

Courses Offered - All students must take six credits but the courses may be selected as follows.
Underground London  (3 credits)- ENGL401, 199 or 499 taught by Richard Doyle
From The Metropolis to the Margins (3 credits) - ENLG 443, 199 or 499 taught by Paul Zajac

You will receive credit for all academic courses taken on this program. and all of your grades from abroad will count toward your Penn State cumulcaitve GPA.  You may not take any courses overseas on a Pass/Fail basis.

Students may not fulfill the GHA (General Health and Activity) general education requirements abroad.


The program is open to all Penn State students with a minimum 2.5 GPA.  Students are encouraged to apply by the February 1, deadline, as enrollment is limited.

All students must hold a passport which is valid until six months after the last day of the program (or date of return to U.S if students is extending travel)

Big BenProgram Costs

For information regarding programs costs, please be sure to review the budgets sheets listed above.  These budget sheets include information regarding costs that are billable to the bursar bill, as well as estimated additional costs.  Costs vary by program, so please be sure to review this information carefully.  Please note that tuition rates above may vary depending on major and class standing.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Students can request financial aid for the summer semester through the Penn State Office of Student Aid.  Penn State students studying through Education Abroad may use most components of their existing financial aid packages toward the cost of study abroad.   This may include federal and state grants, VA educational benefits, federal student loans, and University scholarships and grants.  Notable exceptions include work study awards and some athletic scholarships.  Students can also request financial aid for the summer semester through the Penn State Office of Student Aid.

The University Office of Global Programs also administers a number of grants and scholarships.  Eligibility is based on academic excellence and/or financial need.  There is also funding abailable for study abroad programs in diverse locations and for students from diverse backgrounds.  In most cases, applicants should have a current year FAFSA on file with the Office of Student Aid.  Fudning opportunities may also be available through Penn State academic departments.  For detailed information on financial aid and scholarship opportunities, including application procedures, please see Funding Study Abroad.

For More Information

For more information about this program and education abroad at Penn State, we encourage you to meet with our Peer Advisers.  these study abroad returnees can explain program pptions, give an overview of the education abroad process, as well as provide information about his/her program.  If you're not at University Park, contact your Campus Global Representative.

Professor Richard Doyle will be the faculty leader for the 2014 program.  To learn more about the specifics of the program, schedule an appointment with Nimisha Thakur, the education abroad adviser for this program.

For the inside scoop on life in a foreign country, be sure to check out the GeoBlogs of Penn State students currently studying abroad.

APPLICATION DEADLINE is February 1, 2014

Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2014 02/01/2014 
02/27/2014 05/15/2014 06/13/2014
 NOTE: Students depart the U.S on May 15, and arrive in London on May 16, 2014.

Indicates that deadline has passed