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*Embedded: SUST 200 - Foundations of Leadership in Sustainability - Harrisburg Darmstadt Germany Europe
*Embedded: RPTM 497 - Golf Operations Management Best Practices - University Park St. Andrews United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: RPTM 497 - Cruise Industry Experience - University Park Belize City Belize Latin America
Chetumal Mexico Latin America
Roatan Honduras Latin America
San Miguel de Cozumel Mexico Latin America
*Embedded: PSYCH 299 499 IST 299 499 - Social Science Applications of Gaming in Scotland - Abington Dundee United Kingdom Europe
Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: PL ET 499 - Foreign Studies - Behrend Altenmarkt im Pongau Austria Europe
Frankfurt Germany Europe
Friedrichshafen Germany Europe
Heidelberg Germany Europe
Innsbruck Austria Europe
Linz Austria Europe
Munich Germany Europe
Vienna Austria Europe
*Embedded: PCMED 700 - Primary Care Preceptorship - Hershey Panama City Panama Latin America
*Embedded: NURS 499 - International Health and Health Systems: Costa Rica - University Park San Jose Costa Rica Latin America
*Embedded: NURS 499 - Foreign Studies - Schuylkill San Francisco de Yojoa Honduras Central America
*Embedded: NURS 415/417/475/496/501/513/872/874/499 - Family & Community Health/Health Concepts, Integrated Concepts in Nursing Practice, Issues in Nursing & Health Care, Scholarly Paper, FNP Practicum & FNP Integrated - University Park Havana Cuba Latin America
*Embedded: NURS 415 450 - Nursing: Intro to Community & Family Health - Altoona Havana Cuba Latin America
*Embedded: LING 497/496 AFR 497 - Language in Africa - University Park Bassila Benin Africa
Cotonou Benin Africa
*Embedded: LA 197 - The Balkans Then and Now - Worthington Scranton Split Croatia Europe
*Embedded: IT 130 - Italian Culture and Civilization - Behrend Rome Italy Europe
*Embedded: INTAD 820 - International Agriculture and Development Seminar - University Park Guanajuato Mexico Latin America
*Embedded: INART 001/499 - The Arts: Paris and Foreign Studies: Paris - Harrisburg Paris France Europe
*Embedded: HUM 200H - Explorations in Humanities, The Quest - Berks Beijing China Asia
Hangzhou China Asia
Shanghai China Asia
Suzhou China Asia
*Embedded: HRER 897 - Comparative Employment Relations - University Park Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: HORT 499H - Walking in the Footsteps of the Irish During the Irish Potato Famine: Examinations of New World Crops in Old World Societies - University Park Dublin Ireland Europe
*Embedded: HM 498I - International Hospitality Management - University Park Barcelona Spain Europe
Falset Spain Europe
Montblanc Spain Europe
*Embedded: HDFS 239 / PSYCH 212 - Children in Cambodia: Understanding PreK-12 Opportunities - University Park Siem Reap Cambodia Asia
*Embedded: GH 747 - Global Health Scholars - 4th year elective - Zambia - Hershey Choma Zambia Africa
Macha Zambia Africa
*Embedded: GH 747 - Global Health Scholars - 4th year elective - Senegal - Hershey Dakar Senegal Africa
M'Bour Senegal Africa
*Embedded: GH 747 - Global Health Scholars - 4th year elective - Peru - Hershey Iquitos Peru South America
*Embedded: GH 747 - Global Health Scholars - 4th year elective - Ecuador - Hershey Quito Ecuador Latin America
*Embedded: FIN 456 FINAN 596 - Finance - Harrisburg London United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: FD SC 499 - Global perspectives on agriculture & food systems - University Park Hyderabad India Asia
*Embedded: FD SC 499 - Brewing Science in Copenhagen - University Park Copenhagen Denmark Europe
*Embedded: ERM 499 - Exploring Patagonia/Santiago Chile - University Park Olmue Chile Latin America
Puerto Natales Chile Latin America
Punta Arenas Chile Latin America
Santiago Chile Latin America
Torres del Paine Chile Latin America
*Embedded: ENTRE 497 - Sheetz Fellows: An Education For Leadership - Altoona Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
Berlin Germany Europe
*Embedded: ENGR 496 - Independent Study in Leadership - University Park Nairobi Kenya Africa
*Embedded: ENGR 310 - Entrepreneurial Leadership - University Park Jerusalem Israel Middle East
Tel Aviv Israel Middle East
*Embedded: EGEE 497 - Sustainable Energy in New Zealand - University Park Auckland New Zealand Oceania
*Embedded: CRIM 435 - Policing in America - University Park Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
*Embedded: CRIM 412 - Crime, Social Control, and the Legal System - University Park Willemstad Curacao South America
*Embedded: COMM 498 - Sports Journalism Projects - University Park London United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: COMM 497 - International Telecommunications - Central Europe - University Park Brno Czech Republic Europe
*Embedded: COMM 437 - Advanced Documentary Production - University Park Lisbon Portugal Europe
*Embedded: COMM 426 - International and Intercultural Strategic Communications - University Park Guanacaste Costa Rica Latin America
San Jose Costa Rica Latin America
*Embedded: COMM 419H - World Media Systems - University Park Johannesburg South Africa Africa
*Embedded: COCR 904 - Willem C. Vis International Arbitration Moot Court Team - University Park Vienna Austria Europe
*Embedded: CHIN 426 / ENGL 471 - Rhetorical Traditions - University Park Nanjing China Asia
*Embedded: CAS 471 - Intercultural Communication - Lehigh Valley Amsterdam Netherlands Europe
Utrecht Netherlands Europe
*Embedded: CAS 352/499 - Organizational Communication - Abington Fukuoka-shi Japan Asia
Tokyo Japan Asia
*Embedded: CAMS 25U/100/400 HIST 100 - Greek Civilization/Ancient Greece/Comparative Study of the Ancient Mediterranean - University Park Athens Greece Europe
*Embedded: BRS 499 - Bioproducts in Germany - University Park Freiburg Germany Europe
*Embedded: BIOL 497 IT 197 - Anatomy in Italy - Cadavers, Culture, and Science; Italian Language and Culture for Embedded Experiences Abroad - University Park Bologna Italy Europe
Florence Italy Europe
Rome Italy Europe
Verona Italy Europe
*Embedded: BIOL 482 - Coastal Biology - University Park Willemstad Curacao South America
*Embedded: BIO 497 - Biological Oceanography - University Park San Juan Puerto Rico North America
*Embedded: BBH 499 - Health and Healthcare Systems in Denmark - Lehigh Valley Copenhagen Denmark Europe
*Embedded: BA 536 - Global Immersion - University Park Tel Aviv Israel Middle East
*Embedded: BA 297 - Immersive International Experience - Lehigh Valley Guanajuato Mexico Latin America
*Embedded: BA 100, PHIL 106, CAS 100, KINES 81, HDFS 431, SOC 431, LING 1, APLING 200 - Introduction to Business & Business Ethics, Effective Speech, Wellness Theory, Family Disorganization & The Study of Language - Brandywine Sicily Italy Europe
Valletta Malta Europe
*Embedded: ART 299 - Social and Cultural Explorations in the Visual Arts - University Park Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
*Embedded: ART 199/299/499 - The Graphic Novel in Scotland - Abington Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: ART 10H - Introduction to Visual Studies - Lehigh Valley London United Kingdom Europe
Paris France Europe
*Embedded: ANTH 140 - Anthropology of Alcohol - University Park Edinburgh United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: AMST 105/ENG 105/INART 1/ARTH 100 - Popular Culture and Folklife & The Arts - Brandywine Liverpool United Kingdom Europe
London United Kingdom Europe
*Embedded: AGECO/CED 499 - Issues in Economic, Community and Agricultural Development in Kenya Nyeri Kenya Africa
*Embedded: AG BM / INTAG 470 - Comparing French and U.S. Food Systems - University Park Toulouse France Europe
*Embedded: AEE / INTAG 499 - Indigenous Knowledge and Agricultural Education - University Park San Ignacio Belize Latin America