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This form will search this institution's course database. You can use the results of this search to select a course and find programs that offer foreign course equivalents.
This is a historical listing of courses Penn State students have taken in past semesters. It is meant to be a guide as to what courses might be available and how they might transfer to Penn State. Courses listed here may not be offered during the semester you attend the program and the credit amount or course title may have changed. Additional courses not on this list may also be available. Please reference the host institution’s website to plan courses for your semester abroad. This historical course list is for IES: Buenos Aires and Santiago, Emerging Economies.
Abroad Course Number Abroad Course Title PSU Credits PSU Course Number Semester Effective Notes
IB/EC 336
Economic Development in Argentina & Latin America 3.00 ECON 399   Spring 2021   
EC/PO/IR 330
Emerging Economies: A global Perspective of Opportunities and Challenges in Argentina & Chile 4.00 ECON 399 (3) + LA 399 (1)  Spring 2021   
EC 322
The Transformation of the Chilean and other Latin American Economies from the late 20th into the 21st Century 3.00 ECON 399   Spring 2021