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This form will search this institution's course database. You can use the results of this search to select a course and find programs that offer foreign course equivalents.
This is a historical listing of courses Penn State students have taken in past semesters. It is meant to be a guide as to what courses might be available and how they might transfer to Penn State. Courses listed here may not be offered during the semester you attend the program and the credit amount or course title may have changed. Additional courses not on this list may also be available. Please reference the host institution’s website to plan courses for your semester abroad. This historical course list is for CIEE: Brussels, Advanced Liberal Arts.
Abroad Course Number Abroad Course Title PSU Credits PSU Course Number Semester Effective Notes
Add'l Courses
*CIEE: Brussels, Business, Communications, and Culture Historical Course List may also apply ****  ****  Expand for Link 
ART 301G
Art in Europe 3.00 ART H 100  Spring 2014   
BUS 351
Business Information Systems 3.00 B A 199  Spring 2014   
HIST 3001
Contemporary Europe: The Belgian Experience 3.00 HIST 199  Spring 2014   
BELG 3002
Contemporary Europe: The Belgian Experience 3.00 PL SC 399  Spring 2014   
LFR 102
Elementary French 2 3.00 FR 199  Spring 2015   
LFR 101
Elementary French I 3.00 FR 199  Spring 2015   
NSC 202E
History and Philosophy of Science 3.00 PHIL 110  Fall 2014   
POL 302
History of Political Thought 3.00 HIST 435  Spring 2014   
LFR 202
Intermediate French II 3.00 FR 202  Spring 2014   
BUS 325
International Finance 3.00 FIN 499  Spring 2014  Expand for restrictions 
LAW 301e
International Law 3.00 PL SC 499  Fall 2015   
Introduction to Institutions of the European Union 3.00 PLSC 499  Fall 2017   
BUS 312
Mergers, Acquisitions and Related Transactions 3.00 FIN 499  Spring 2014   
POL 315
Model United Nations 0.00 ****  ****  Expand for restrictions 
CMM 251E
Political Communication 6.00 PL SC 499  Spring 2014   
Politics of the European Union 5.00 PLSC 499  Fall 2017   
Russian Politics 3.00 PLSC 499  Fall 2017   
POL 241G
The Government and Politics of Global Powers 3.00 PL SC 499  Spring 2015   
POL 314E
The United Nations and Global Governance 3.00 PL SC 499  Spring 2015   
HUM 201P
Writing and Critical Inquiry 3.00 ENGL 210  Spring 2015