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This form will search this institution's course database. You can use the results of this search to select a course and find programs that offer foreign course equivalents.
This is a historical listing of courses Penn State students have taken in past semesters. It is meant to be a guide as to what courses might be available and how they might transfer to Penn State. Courses listed here may not be offered during the semester you attend the program and the credit amount or course title may have changed. Additional courses not on this list may also be available. Please reference the host institution’s website to plan courses for your semester abroad. This historical course list is for IES: Vienna, European Society & Culture.
Abroad Course Number Abroad Course Title PSU Credits PSU Course Number Semester Effective Notes
Add'l Courses
*IES: Vienna Music History and Performance (Summer) Historical Course List may also apply ****  ****  Expand for Link 
Add'l Courses
*IES: Vienna, Music Program Historical Course List may also apply ****  ****  Expand for Link 
PH 460
Advanced Seminar: Cross-Cultural Philosophy 4.00 PHIL 199  Fall 2016   
AH 362
Art Analysis 2: Current Exhibitions in Vienna 3.00 ART H 299  Spring 2017   
CU/AH/HS 350
Arts and Nations: The Rise of the National Idiom in East-Central European Music, Literature, and the Visual Arts 3.00 INART 299  Spring 2015   
FI/EC 360
Asset Markets, Banking, and the International Financial System 3.00 FIN 499  Spring 2017   
AH 221
Austrian Art and Architecture 3.00 ART H 399  Spring 2017   
IB 329
Business Ethics 3.00 MGMT 499  Spring 2018   
RL/HS 312
Coexistence and Conflict: History of Eastern and Central European Jews 3.00 HIST 118  Spring 2017   
EC 357
Europe in the Global Economy 3.00 ECON 399  Spring 2017   
FI/EC 358
Financial Markets and the Economy 3.00 FIN 499  Spring 2017   
AH 340
From Monument to Memorial: War, Trauma and Memory in Central Europe’s Public Spaces 3.00 ART H 399  Spring 2016   
GR 201
German Language in Context: Novice Abroad III 4.00 GER 99  Spring 2018   
PS 354
Health Psychology and Communication Skills Training 3.00 PSYCH 499  Spring 2018   
PO 235
In Search of Sustainability: Energy, Environment, and Society in Central Europe 3.00 PL SC 499  Spring 2016   
IB 305
International Business and Marketing in Central Europe 3.00 I B 499  Spring 2015   
PO 357
International Organizations: Structures and Case Studies 3.00 PL SC 499  Fall 2016   
AH 230
Modern Architecture in Vienna 3.00 ARTH 399  Spring 2016   
HS 352
Modern Austria in Central Europe 3.00 History 199  Spring 2016   
MS 301
Music Survey: Music from the Middles Ages to the Baroque 3.00 MUSIC 261  Spring 2017   
MS 352
Opera History II: Romantic Through Modern 3.00 MUSIC 199  Spring 2018   
IN 395
Supervised Public Service Internship Seminar 3.00 PL SC 495  Fall 2016   
CU 345
The Cultural Heritage of Austria 3.00 GER499  Spring 2018   
PO 229
The Political Geography of the New Europe 3.00 PLSC 499  Spring 2018   
PS 340
The Psychology of Prejudice and Discrimination 3.00 PSYCH 499  Spring 2018