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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
Fact Sheet:
Education Abroad Adviser:
Johnna Weston
Minimum GPA:
Class Standing:
1 - First Year
Language of Instruction:
Language Requirement:
0 semesters
Internship Available:
Program Specific Scholarships:
CIEE-PSU Scholarship
Fields of Study:
Asian Studies, Business, Chinese, Economics, International Business, Management, Marketing
Program Description:
View of skyscrapers in China

Program Overview     

There is no better place to study international business or economics than Shanghai: commercial giant, financial and cultural hub, and largest container port in the world. Business courses taught in Engligh explore China's rapid economic development. Excursions to Chinese companies and factories show how Chinese businesses operate up close. By the time you return home, you'll understand contemporary business issues affecting China and the role this economy plays in the business world today.

Shanghai is known for its long history of foreign influence, fashion, and economic prowess and aims to become a global financial and shipping hub by the year 2020. With a population of 23 million people, Shanghai has seen massive development over the last two decades, and the new financial district of Pudong is home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. Shanghai’s urban centers are conveniently connected by elevated light rails, the world’s first commercial high-speed Maglev train, and the fastest-growing rapid transit systems in the world.


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Education Abroad Credits

Yuyuan GardansYou will receive credit for all academic courses taken at this institution, and all of your grades from abroad will count toward your Penn State cumulative GPA. You may not take any courses overseas on a Pass/Fail basis. Students may not take sport or physical activity courses (e.g. sailing, bowling, yoga, etc.) abroad. These courses will not be credited at Penn State.

There is no language prerequisite for this program and except for the optional language course, courses are taught in English. This program is appropriate for students with a major or minor in economics, international business, business management, or marketing, or for students studying Chinese or Asian Studies with an interest in learning more about the business environment in China.

The program is broken into three sessions with different course offerings for each session. Students choose one area studies course per session and with the option of taking one language course. Students can earn three or four credits per session and depending on the number of sessions completed, students can earn three, four, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, or 12 credits total over the course of the program. Course offerings include:

Session 1

  • Communicative Chinese (1 credit; optional)
  • Area Studies Courses - choose one:
    • Changing Nature of Business in China (3 credits)
    • Political Development in Modern China (3 credits)

Session 2

  • Communicative Chinese (1 credit; optional)
  • Area Studies Courses - choose one:
    • Marketing Management and Method in East Asia and Emerging Markets (3 credits)
    • China's Economic Reforms (3 credits)

Session 3

  • Communicative Chinese (1 credit; optional)
  • Area Studies Courses - choose one:
    • International Business Law: Policy, Decision Making and Law (3 credits)
    • China's International Relations (3 credits)
Learn more about the available courses on CIEE's website.

To see what kind of credit students in past semesters have received for courses taken on this program, visit the CIEE Shanghai Course Equivalency List. Keep in mind you will need to complete the course equivalency process once you have been accepted to your program and after you have completed your registration abroad. To obtain specific instructions on this process visit our Course Equivalencies page. To learn how the courses on this program can work into your individual degree audit, meet with your academic adviser.


Successful applicants will satisfy the pre-requisites established by the program.

Students who are citizens of the People's Republic of China (PRC), Taiwan ROC, Hong Kong SAR, or Macau are welcome but should contact CIEE about special entry requirements.

Housing and Meals

Calligraphy in stoneHousing will be arranged by CIEE. Most students will stay in the Campus Residence Hall with a CIEE roommate. The Residence Hall is a five-story facility with 24-hour security and laundry facilities. There is a student computer room and a study lounge on every other floor, as well as kitchens and bathrooms on every floor. Meals are not included in this housing option and are the responsibility of the student. Students can cook in the communal kitchens in the Residence Hall or eat in campus cafeterias for a moderate price.

Students will also have the option of staying with a Chinese host family. Host families are located within 15-45 minutes of the University. Students will have their own room and share the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Most meals are provided but students should budget for their own lunches, some weekend meals and most meals on group field trips and individual travel. Chinese family members speak Chinese only. The homestay is a good option for students wanting to increase their Chinese language skills.

Program Costs

For more information on program costs, please be sure to review the summer budget sheet. The budget sheet includes information on costs that are billable to the bursar bill, as well as estimated additional costs. Costs vary by program, so it is important to review this information carefully.

Please note that tuition rates may vary depending on major and class standing.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Penn State students studying through Education Abroad can use most components of their existing financial aid packages toward the cost of study abroad. This may include federal and state grants, VA educational benefits, federal student loans, and University scholarships and grants. Notable exceptions include work-study awards and some athletic scholarships.
The University Office of Global Programs also administers a number of grants and scholarships. Eligibility is based on academic excellence and/or financial need. There is also funding available for study abroad programs in diverse locations and for students from diverse backgrounds. In most cases, applicants should have a current year FAFSA on file with the Office of Student Aid. Funding opportunities may also be available through Penn State academic departments. For detailed information on financial aid and scholarship opportunities and application procedures, please visit the Funding Study Abroad section of the Global Penn State website.

CIEE-PSU Scholarships

CIEE has generously provided scholarships for specific programs. These funds are intended for students who, for financial reasons, may not otherwise be able to participate on a CIEE program.

Summer 2018

Scholarships for the summer 2018 will be issued for $500 or $1,000 per student, all students applying to CIEE programs are eligible but preference will be given to students applying to the programs listed.  There is no application for this scholarship, and the University Office of Global Programs will notify scholarship recipients via email.  Eligibility for theses scholarships vary, but students must study abroad in the determined semester and location, in addition to being a full-time degree seeking Penn State undergraduate student and establishing financial need.  Applicants must also be a United States citizen/permanent resident and have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file with the Office of Student Aid.  Financial need is established via the FAFSA on file with Penn State.  Scholarships are not guaranteed and will be competitive.

CIEE: Amman, Arabic Language
CIEE: Amman, Middle East Studies
CIEE: Havana, Summer Cuban Studies
CIEE: Palma de Mallorca, Language and Culture
CIEE: Seoul. Korean Studies
CIEE: Shanghai, Accelerated Chinese Language
CIEE: Shanghai, Summer Business and Culture
CIEE: St. Petersburg, Russian Area Studies
CIEE: St. Petersburg, Russian Language

Please contact your Education Abroad adviser for more information.

For More Information

For more information about programs and education abroad at Penn State, we encourage you to meet with or contact our Peer Advisers. These study abroad returnees can explain program options, give an overview of the education abroad process, as well as provide information about his/her program. If you are not at University Park, contact your Campus Global Representative

To learn more about the specifics of each program, schedule an appointment with the education abroad adviser for this program.

For the inside scoop on life in a foreign country, be sure to check out the Student Spotlights of Penn State students currently studying abroad.

How to Apply

If you would like to participate on this study abroad program, you will need to apply to Penn State Education Abroad by clicking the "Apply Now" button on this page. 

You must complete the following materials in your application:

  •  Education Abroad Questionnaire
  •  One academic recommendation
  •  Signature Documents

Visit the How to Apply section of our website for more information.

Studying Abroad with a Disability

Many students with disabilities successfully study abroad each year. Please note that other cultures may have different attitudes and available accommodations regarding disabilities. While we cannot guarantee the accessibility of all program sites and locations, specific accommodations may be arranged in consultation with our office, the Student Disability Resources office, and our partners abroad. To prepare for success, students are strongly encouraged to research the country and program location to consider if and how they will manage their disabilities abroad in advance of selecting a program. Students with disabilities and other diverse backgrounds can begin their research on our Diversity Awareness Abroad page.

Other Useful Links

Steps to Study Abroad
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Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2018 02/01/2018
02/14/2018 05/21/2018 08/12/2018
NOTE: Start date marks arrival in host country. End date marks departure from program housing. Dates will vary depending on selected sessions.

Indicates that deadline has passed