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CIEE: Legon, Arts and Sciences Legon Ghana Africa
Big 10: Nairobi, Kenya, Studies in International Development Nairobi Kenya Africa
Big 10: Dakar, Senegal, Studies in International Development Dakar Senegal Africa
Seoul: Sogang University (Exchange) Seoul South Korea Asia
CIEE: Shanghai, Business, Language and Culture Shanghai China Asia
CIEE: Shanghai, Accelerated Chinese Language Shanghai China Asia
CIEE: Shanghai, China in a Global Context Shanghai China Asia
*China: International Internship in Veterinary Research, Dept VBS (Summer) Guangzhou China Asia
CRCC Asia: Shanghai Internship Program (Summer) Shanghai China Asia
Hamilton: University of Waikato Hamilton New Zealand Australia/Pacific Islands
Melbourne: University of Melbourne (Exchange) Melbourne Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
CIEE: Perth, Murdoch University - Arts and Sciences Perth Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
Sydney: University of New South Wales (Exchange) Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IES: Sydney, The University of Sydney Sydney Australia Australia/Pacific Islands
IES: Freiburg, European Union Program Freiburg Germany Europe
IES: Freiburg, Language & Area Studies Freiburg Germany Europe
IES: Vienna, Music Program Vienna Austria Europe
IES: Milan, Italy Today Milan Italy Europe
Arcadia: Perugia, Umbra Institute, General Studies Perugia Italy Europe
IES: Rome, Study Rome, Language & Area Studies Rome Italy Europe
IES: Siena, Study in Tuscany Siena Italy Europe
IES: Vienna, European Society & Culture Vienna Austria Europe
CIEE: Brussels, Business, Communications, and Culture Brussels Belgium Europe
Harrisburg: Darmstadt, Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (Exchange) Darmstadt Germany Europe
CIEE: Prague, Central European Studies Prague Czech Republic Europe
IES: London, Study London London United Kingdom Europe
Arcadia: London Internship Program London United Kingdom Europe
Arcadia: London Internship Program (Summer) London United Kingdom Europe
IAU College: Aix-en-Provence, School of Humanities and Social Sciences Aix France Europe
Big 10: Montpellier, Integrated Montpellier France Europe
IES: Paris, French Studies Program Paris France Europe
IES: Berlin, Language & Area Studies Berlin Germany Europe
CIEE: Budapest, Central European Studies Budapest Hungary Europe
IES: Barcelona, Liberal Arts & Business Barcelona Spain Europe
IES: Granada, Study in Granada Granada Spain Europe
IES: Madrid, Language and Area Studies Madrid Spain Europe
IES: Paris, Business and International Affairs Paris France Europe
Florence: International Studies Institute at Palazzo Rucellai, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems in Italy Florence Italy Europe
IES: Salamanca, Study in Salamanca Salamanca Spain Europe
CEEConnect: CzechMates Brno Czech Republic Europe
IES: Berlin Internship Program (Summer) Berlin Germany Europe
CEEConnect: CzechMates (Summer) Brno Czech Republic Europe
Dept ENGR: Jonkoping, Jonkoping University, Engineering (Exchange) Jonkoping Sweden Europe
CIEE: Seville Seville Spain Europe
CIEE: Moscow, Business and International Relations Moscow Russian Federation Europe
IES: London, Theater Studies London United Kingdom Europe
Dept LARCH: Bonn, AIB Bonn Germany Europe
IES: Rome Internship Program (Summer) Rome Italy Europe
IES: London Internship (Summer) London United Kingdom Europe
IES: Dublin Internship (Summer) Dublin Ireland Europe
Arcadia: London, University of Westminster London United Kingdom Europe
Harrisburg: Madrid, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Exchange) Madrid Spain Europe
IES: Dublin, Irish Studies Dublin Ireland Europe
Valencia: University of Virginia, Language and Culture Valencia Spain Europe
Temple: Rome Rome Italy Europe
CIEE: Palma de Mallorca, Business and Tourism Palma de Mallorca Spain Europe
IES: Paris Internship Program (Summer) Paris France Europe
Arcadia: Perugia, Umbra Institute, Food & Sustainability Studies Perugia Italy Europe
Pforzheim: Pforzheim Summer Internship Program (Summer) Pforzheim Germany Europe
IES: Santiago, Chile, Health Studies Santiago Chile Latin America
*Turrialba, Costa Rica: Spanish for the Agricultural Sciences (Summer) Turrialba Costa Rica Latin America
IES: Santiago, Chile, Politics, Social Justice & Language Santiago Chile Latin America
IES: Santiago Internship Program (Summer) Santiago Chile Latin America
IES: Buenos Aires, Advanced Spanish Immersion Buenos Aires Argentina Latin America
IES: Buenos Aires, Latin American Societies and Cultures Buenos Aires Argentina Latin America
CIEE: Amman, Arabic Language Amman Jordan Middle East
Dept ENGR: Haifa, Technion Institute of Technology (Exchange) Haifa Israel Middle East
Haifa: University of Haifa Haifa Israel Middle East
IES: Rabat, Study in Rabat Rabat Morocco Middle East
CIEE: Amman, Middle East Studies Amman Jordan Middle East