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This form will search this institution's course database. You can use the results of this search to select a course and find programs that offer foreign course equivalents.
This is a historical listing of courses Penn State students have taken in past semesters. It is meant to be a guide as to what courses might be available and how they might transfer to Penn State. Courses listed here may not be offered during the semester you attend the program and the credit amount or course title may have changed. Additional courses not on this list may also be available. Please reference the host institution’s website to plan courses for your semester abroad. This historical course list is for IES: Buenos Aires, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Summer).
Abroad Course Number Abroad Course Title PSU Credits PSU Course Number Semester Effective Notes
LT 344
20th Century Argentine Poetry 3.00 SPAN 476  Spring 2018   
LT 344
20th Century Argentine Poetry: From Written Culture to Popular Song 3.00 SPAN 476  Spring 2018   
ES 330
Argentine Environment and Society: Perceptions and Challenges 3.00 SPAN 399  Spring 2018   
ES 330
Argentine Environment and Society: Perceptions and Challenges 3.00 GEOG 499  Spring 2018   
LT 360
Argentine Literature and the Formation of National Identity 3.00 SPAN 476  Spring 2017   
IB 340
Business Strategies in Latin America 3.00 IB 399  Fall 2018   
Comparative Politics & Government: The Argentine Case 3.00 PLSC 499  Fall 2018   
HS 321-02
Contemporary Argentine History: Politics and Culture in the Construction of a National Identity 3.00 PLSC 499  Spring 2017   
Cross Cultural Psychology 3.00 PSYCH 232  Fall 2018   
CU 330-01
Ghosts of the Lettered City: Latin American Images of Drugs and Violence 3.00 PLSC 499  Spring 2017   
CPOL 21204
Latin American Thinking for Integration (Pensamiento Latinoamericano para la Integración) 4.00 SPAN 499  Spring 2017   
IB 302
Managing Behavior in Organizations: A Cross-Cultural Perspective 3.00 MGMT 399  Fall 2018  Expand for restrictions 
PI 1038
Pedagogy 4.00 EDUC 199  Spring 2016   
PEL 90
Peronist Argentina 3.00 SPAN 399  Fall 2018   
IR 350/PO 350
Populism and Neo-populism: Latin American Politics in a Changing World 3.00 PLSC 499  Spring 2017   
SP 301
Spanish in Context: Emerging Independent Abroad 6.00 SPAN 100 (3) and SPAN 110 (3)  Fall 2018   
AN/LT 364
The Making of Patagonia 3.00 SPAN 399  Fall 2017   
The Origins and Evolution of the Peronist Movement in Argentina 3.00 SPAN 499  Spring 2018