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Announcements : Spring Semester Education Abroad Programs Early Decision Dates

Announcement: Spring Semester Education Abroad Programs Early Decision Dates

Students must apply by September 15th, 2017 for Spring 2018 programs.

Spring semester Education Abroad programs

  • Early Decision Dates - Students are highly encouraged to apply early for spring programs. Complete applications will be reviewed, and acceptance decisions reached, approximately one month after the early decision deadline.

    • May 1

    • July 15

  • Final Deadline 

    • September 15

  • Should a program meet its capacity before the final deadline that program will be closed and no further applications will be accepted. Students interested in studying abroad in the spring should apply as early as possible to ensure their best chance of acceptance into their first choice program.
  • Most programs will continue to accept students until 9/15, but this is not a guarantee. Students should apply by the 5/1 early decision review date in order to be fully considered for their first choice of program.  If a program meets capacity prior to 9/15, it will be closed to further applications.